Farewell to Kuna/Opera, Hello Al Crostino

Metrocurean is sad to report that the "closed for vacation" sign outside Opera (aka Kuna) was keeping false hope alive. Opera will, in fact, not be returning. The neighborhood will greatly miss the homey bowls of steaming pasta and the congenial guys who ran the place, Mark and Keith. We can only hope that Mark takes his cooking to a new spot soon.

Dabbing eyes and moving on, the folks from Al Tiramisu on P Street have taken over, painted the place sunshine yellow and plan to open an Italian wine bar called Al Crostino in the next few weeks. Impressively enough, they already have a Web site up.

Al Tiramisu enjoys a solid reputation in town as a cozy neighborhood spot for quality Italian cooking. Here's hoping the same will be true of the new venture.

Al Crostino will be located at 1324 U St. NW.


Anonymous said...

wow- thats big news!
i will miss the old kuna and the friendly staff. this is the first place ive heard this.

Anonymous said...

let it be an affortable yet good italian, something along the line of dino, instead of going along with the rest of u street where things look grand outside but don't taste all that great.

thank you for the fresh off the grill updates,
u st resident

Amanda said...

thanks u st. i agree with your appearances vs. taste comment. Alero anyone?

Ingrid said...

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Anonymous said...

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