More on Al Crostino

As reported in this Metrocurean post July 18, Al Crostino will open in Opera/Kuna's old spot "hopefully sometime next week," according to the woman who answered the phone Tuesday. In today's Weekly Dish, Tom Sietsema reports on the direction the owners hope to take the new restaurant.

"As the name suggests, the script will feature a variety of crostini — slivers of toasted bread with savory toppings — as well as cheese and sausage platters and 30-plus Italian wines by the glass. A handful of entrees (zucchini-crusted fish, a veal chop sauced with balsamic vinegar and honey) will round out the small menu," Sietsema reports.

Sounds like Washington has a new mini-trend: the enoteca (or more loosely, an Italian version of a tapas bar with an emphasis on wine). With the opening of Dino, which offers a lengthy menu of crostini, and Sonoma on Capitol Hill, with its Italian-accented menu of shareable plates and broad selection of cheese and charcuterie, snacking on Italian finger food while sipping wine appears to be the hot new way to eat out in D.C.