Pizza Pizza Rumors

In yesterday's Washington Post dining chat, Tom Sietsema dropped this juicy tease: "(cough cough) is rumored to be opening a pizza place next to his popular (cough cough) restaurant up on Connecticut Ave. I'm "coughing" because I can't confirm the details. And far be it from me to spread rumors!"

(Warning: unsubstantiated rumors ahead.) I was initially speculating Frank Ruta of Palena, though the restaurant is smushed beside a gas station. But the folks on are speculating on James Alefantis of Buck's Fishing and Camping, which he owns with chef Carole Greenwood.

Sounds like it could be a New Haven-style pizza joint that would open this fall. Besta Pizza is right next door to Buck's at 5029 Connecticut Ave. Could they be taking over or going for the spot on the other side?

Anyone have any theories?