Trusty's Lands in Southeast

Joe Englert has been a busy man. After bringing the city some of its most beloved bars, including Lucky Bar and Capitol Lounge, Englert has set his sights on pioneering new nightlife in some of D.C.'s underserved neighborhoods. His extensive plans to open several bars and nightclubs on H Street Northeast have met with concern from neighbors, but he has received approval for several liquor licenses.

But in a quadrant south of his ambitious plans, Englert has already opened Trusty's at 1420 Pennsylvania Ave. SE. (So I don't really know if this is the link, but is that a creepy "Silence of the Lambs" joke?)

As reported by On Tap, the "1940s/1950s service station-themed tavern is home to a fully stocked turn-of-the-century bar and plenty of bar stools and comfy booths from which TV viewing is easy. Trusty's, open as of early June, will emphasize local sporting events by showing local events on their many TVs, and by hosting happy hour for all Nationals and D.C. United game days. So grab a seat, a draft beer, something off their 'game food' menu—like a burger or one of three types of chili—and enjoy the changing face of the District."

Stay tuned for word on Englert's other planned establishments...


K said...

I was at Trusty's Friday night for their one week birthday. Interesting space, and very small. The grill is right behind the bar, and when in use gives the entire space an Eau de Cheeseburger. Beers are served out of mason jars. I'll be doing a longer DCist post on it Friday.

At this rate, I half expect Englert to start opening bars in Trinidad next year.

Amanda said...

Eau de cheeseburger...hmm, is that a good or bad thing. ; ) Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts on the place on DCist.

fish said...

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