Drinx Arrives Monday at MCI

The more casual replacement for Nick and Stef's steakhouse in the MCI Center will open Monday, reports Tom Sietsema. In Wednesday's Weekly Dish, Sietsema reports that drinx will begin serving lunch Monday at 601 F St. NW.

"The long-vacant space has been recast as a more casual place to eat and drink -- look for fried calamari, hamburgers and fruit punch on the menu -- but with enough twists to make those familiar restaurant staples interesting. The calamari will wear a coat of Parmesan cheese, for instance, while the burger will sneak in heirloom tomatoes. As for the punch 'Martiniquese,' the drink is glammed up with passion fruit and sweet spices," Sietsema writes.

The drink list doesn't stop with punch. "[B]artenders will shake and stir more than 25 choices, ranging from a signature martini (made with sherry) to the 'bee's knees' (Tanqueray #10 swirled with honey and lemon juice)," Sietsema reports.

The chef, Brian McPherson, has worked at Butterfield 9 and New Heights, and according to the Weekly Dish, he says the menu at drinx will consist of "simple food done right. ... Nothing too extreme."

Billed as a casual, contemporary bar, complete with multiple plasma TVs, drinx seems more in step with the sports fan crowd than the upscale Nick and Stef's.