Kliman Moves to Washingtonian

While preoccupied with a puppy pick-up in Pennsylvania on Wednesday, Metrocurean missed out on what Don Rockwell teased earlier this week as "a major announcement ... that will ripple throughout the Washington DC food world."

That announcement was that Todd Kliman, the Washington City Paper's erudite food columnist, has been named Washingtonian's dining editor. Kliman, who won a James Beard award in May for newspaper column writing, will work with Tom Head and Cynthia Hacinli, the magazine's primary restaurant critics. "I'm looking forward to bringing the same energy, zest and wit to Washingtonian that I tried to provide in my weekly column," Kliman told Rockwell.

This is indeed a big move—the City Paper and Washingtonian are polar opposites in the range of D.C. coverage—and a great loss for the City Paper. It will be interesting to see how much freedom Kliman will have to infuse Washingtonian's coverage with the keen observations his columns became known for.

Along with DCist, Metrocurean would like to say congratulations to Kliman on his new gig.

(The new puppy is adjusting well and is a horrible distraction from actual work.)