A New Restaurant for Michel Richard

Tom Sietsema dropped this exciting bomb during today's dining chat: "You heard it here first: Michel Richard is going to open another restaurant -- but not until NEXT summer. It will be called Central by Michel Richard and feature the French chef's takes on American classics. 'Totally different to what he is doing now,' says my source, Carl Halvorson, the director of food and beverage at the Georgetown destination.

"Central will be located on the corner of 11th and Pennsylvania, hence the name: The restaurant is 'central' between the White House and the Capitol.

"Look for a bar with cheese, meat and sushi platters; seating for more than 200 people; an outdoor terrace and ... fried chicken!"

Seeing how playfully the chef reimagines certain dishes at Citronelle—his signature breakfast for dessert is made up of sweet brioche toast, chocolate pastry "bacon," and a cream cheese topped with apricot purée "egg"—I can't wait to see what he does with American classics like fried chicken. Very exciting news for Washington indeed.

(Photo from The West End Guide, which did a great interview with Richard last fall.)