Restaurant Week Extras

If you don't have reservations for Restaurant Week yet, you've pretty much missed the boat. But it's apparently not too late to get reservations at some participating restaurants. Relative newcomer Notti Bianche still has a few tables and is adding a thoughtful twist to the standard $20.05, $30.05 deals. The restaurant is also discounting its wines. As posted by the restaurant's general manager, Danny Boylen, on, a few wine specials include "Turley White Coat, regular price $80/bottle, RW price $50; ZD Abacus, regular price $250/bottle, RW price $150; Chateu Yvonne Suamer Blanc, regular price $50/bottle, RW price $35."

Know of any other restaurants going above and beyond this Restaurant Week?

On the other hand, if Restaurant Week seems like a worse idea to you than dining out on Valentine's Day, here are a few (non-participating) places I'd recommend to avoid the crowds: Komi, Palena and its café, Firefly and Little Fountain Café.