Tabaq Bistro: Exclusive Sneak Peek

Last night I had the chance to preview Tabaq Bistro, which I previously wrote about here, and I'm predicting this place is going to be big ... very big. The new spot, which partially opens Monday at 1336 U St., offers five stories of restaurant and lounge space and a menu of Mediterranean tapas. The biggest attraction, however, will no doubt be the roof, with a breathtaking 360-degree view of the city (top photo), a full bar and plenty of seating. But here's the best part: With the touch of a button, the glass roof rolls back to reveal the open sky. So whether it's sleeting and cold (hard to imagine right now) or warm and breezy, the candle-lit roof will be open year-round.

The modern and sleek main floor (bottom photo) boasts a spacious bar and snazzy red banquettes and chairs. Low tables and cube ottomans line the walls in the small basement lounge, and the second and third floors will eventually house two VIP club rooms, with limited access and views overlooking U Street.

The owners are busy putting the finishing touches on the place (ignore the cardboard and tarp in the roof photo), and they plan to open the basement and main floor Monday. The roof will follow later in the week, and the two club rooms will open in a month or so. Check Metrocurean this weekend for more details on the food.
(Photos by Metrocurean.)