Po'Boys for Hurricane Relief

(Updated 9/2, 7 p.m.)
Acadiana Restaurant, which opens Sept. 12 and which I posted about here, has numerous ties to New Orleans—pastry chef David Guas and his wife and the restaurant's PR agent, Simone Rathlé, are both from the Crescent City, and chef Jeff Tunks worked and lived there for four years.

With the devastation of Katrina hitting particularly close to home, the Passion Food group is rallying area chefs for a fundraiser on Acadiana's opening day called "PO' BOY POWER, Dress New Orleans Again!" As the press release explains, "At any New Orleans po'boy joint, you order your oyster or roast beef sandwich 'dressed' — with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise, and hot sauce. Our goal is to raise money, not just to revive the city, but to bring it back as good as it can possibly be — 'dressed.'

"On September 12, from 11 am-3 pm, Chef Jeff Tunks and his chef friends Robert Wiedmaier (Marcel's), Michel Richard (Citronelle), Roberto Donna (Galileo), Ris Lacoste (1789), Cesare Lanfranconi (Tosca), Frank Morales (Zola), Todd Gray (Equinox), Cathal Armstrong (Restaurant Eve), RJ Cooper (Vidalia), John Besh (Restaurant August, New Orleans), Jeff Buben (Vidalia and Bistro Bis), Kevin Scott (New Orleans Bistro), John Wabeck (Firefly), to name a few, will make brown bag carry-out po' boys (Shrimp Remoulade and Roast Beef) for a donation of $25 each." All proceeds will go to the Louisiana Disaster Recovery Foundation (established by Governor Kathleen Blanco). Acadiana is also donating a percentage of its first month's profits and server tips to the foundation.

"There is no question. This food is what we know and love, these people are who we care about, and this is what we can do to help" Tunks said in the release. "I was just down there, getting to know local purveyors, farmers, and fishermen who were to supply Acadiana. We've been in constant contact all summer. Now they're just gone."

They're even hoping the po'boy cause might catch on nationally. I spoke to Rathlé on Thursday, and she said they are also trying to recruit members of the Louisiana Congressional delegation to come make po'boys.

So mark your calendars for Sept. 12, and plan on a po'boy lunch.

Also, check this Post link for continuing updates on hurricane relief fundraisers.


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