Are You Ready for Italian Sushi?

On the heels of Zengo's Wednesday opening, which brought us Latin-accented sushi, Sette Bello, the new restaurant from Franco Nuschese, springs "Italian sushi" on us.

According to the restaurant's Web site, "What makes Sette Bello different is its exotic 'Italian sushi' bar consisting of carpacci , tuna, octopus, salmon, and, of course, Italian rice." My best guess is they mean crudo, the Italian version of sashimi that offers slices of raw fish simply dressed in lemon, oil, salt and subtle flavorings. (The New Yorker's food issue last month had a nice profile of David Pasternack, chef of New York's fabulous Esca, that credits the restaurant's owners with starting the crudo craze.)

Sette Bello's addition of Italian rice is mysterious, and I'll be eager to hear any reports from the field. Also on the menu: antipasti, pasta, pizza, insalates and Southern Italian wines.

The restaurant is located in Arlington at 3101 Wilson Blvd.