The Salt Factor

If you hate olives, you can stop reading and get back to work. If you're anything like me, however, just about anything as salty as an olive ranks up there on my favorites list.

Which brings me to the glory that is a stuffed olive. I'm a big fan of olives stuffed with garlic, but olives stuffed with blue cheese are a close second. Which brings me to the glory that is a well-made dirty martini spiked with blue cheese olives. To be honest, I could take the olive juice with just a splash of vodka ... I realize how nasty that must sound to some of you, especially the olive haters, but you weren't supposed to be reading this anyway.

I've had an excellent version at the Four Seasons and just the other night got to try Extra Virgin's tasty take on the drink, which arrives with a generous dish of six blue cheese stuffed olives. That's my kind of cocktail.

Where do you think the best dirty martini in the area can be found? Are you pro olive stuffing?

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