Cake Loves Room Temperature

Anyone who lives and loves food in this city has probably either heard the gripe or griped themselves about how Cake Love's cupcakes aren't all their hyped up to be. I've had several friends ask me recently what I think and my reply is always, "Don't eat them straight from the fridge." Allow that rich buttercream to warm up a bit and it's as smooth as, well, butter. Straight from the fridge, you can remove the entire frosting top in one, what some might call lard-like, piece.

Owner and newly minted Food Network star Warren Brown seems to have heard his fair share of griping too. In a letter on Tom Sietsema's dining chat today, he explains that his cakes need to be eaten at room temperature. He's even gone so far as to make cards instructing people to give their cake some time. "Under this renewed initiative to serve no cake before its time, we made palm cards in the spirit of a cautionary road sign. It features a person with a cake, a thermometer at 72 degrees, and the phrase 'serve cake @ room temp'. I hope people find it cute as well as informative. I'd be happy to send you the palm card so you can see it," Brown writes in his letter.

Metrocurean is glad to know Brown is still tuned into his customers at home, and I applaud his playful approach to helping educate the cupcake-eating masses about how best to enjoy his creations. Check out this link for comprehensive instructions on caring for your cake. The kitchenette also addressed this issue in October after speaking with Cake Love's head baker.

Who knew it could get so complicated?

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