Cap Lounge Needs Help

I realize the title of this post is a little facetious, but hear me out. A Hill informant sent Metrocurean this photo of a sign posted on Capitol Lounge's door, advertising open positions at the bar. So regardless of exactly how close the Hill hangout is to reopening (the source says it still looks like there's a lot of work to be done), we know they're at least hiring.

Earlier this month, another blogger sparked rumors of an imminent opening by posting a photo of a beer truck parked outside the lounge, which has been closed since an August fire. But fans of the bar should see this sign as a sign that things are moving along. (Yes, I did just write that sentence...is your brain really supposed to work after a weekend of eating?)

(Photo by multi-media newsman Paul Kane.)


Cap Lounge Refugee said...

Very likely the beer truck was for Sonoma, 2 doors to the right of Cap Lounge.

They had 6 (?) beers on tap last time I was there, including Magic Hat (VT) and Anchor Steam (CA). But I couldn't resist the Guinness......not something I expected to find at a wine bar.

I spoke to someone I think was the owner (Eli?) who said they were excited for the Lounge to open back up and that the block has seemed "strangely quiet," that the Lounge brings a "more social" mix to the street.

DCSportsChick said...

Yeah, according to Cap Lounge the beer trucks were supposedly there because they were unloading the old kegs from the cooler, from a November 10 entry in the Going Out Gurus blog on washingtonpost.com. But it's good to hear that things are moving right along.