Fire Claims Another Restaurant

Over on The Washington Oculus, Mike Grass is reporting that Fasika's Ethiopian Restaurant in Adams Morgan is out of commission after a fire.

In other fire news, Fritz Hahn over at washingtonpost.com reports that rumors of Capitol Lounge, which was gutted by a fire back in May, reopening soon are false.


Anonymous said...

The Examiner quotes a different Cap Lounge manager today saying the opening is in the works:


Amanda said...

Hmm, maybe some employees are more optimistic than others? Regardless, they will reopen, which is good news for its fans.

Cap Lounge Refugee said...

Very likely the beer truck was for Sonoma, 2 doors to the right of Cap Lounge.

They had 6 (?) beers on tap last time I was there, including Magic Hat (VT) and Anchor Steam (CA). But I couldn't resist the Guinness......not something I expected to find at a wine bar.

I spoke to someone I think was the owner (Eli?) who said they were excited for the Lounge to open back up and that the block has seemed "strangely quiet," that the Lounge brings a "more social" mix to the street.