Cap Lounge Opens (Partially) Tonight

Thanks to a tip from another Hillite, the rumors can be put to rest: The basement and side bar of Capitol Lounge will re-open tonight. Should be one helluva party for fans of the lounge, which has been closed since it was gutted by a fire in August.

I called to confirm the tip, and they said it will probably be another six weeks or so before the main floor opens. For the backstory, click here.

Update: A certain multimedia newsman indicates that the taps are flowing at Cap Lounge. Cheers!


Anonymous said...

It's game on and totally fine in the Nixon Room and the Downstairs Lair.

The Fire Room also looks pretty close to being done. Everything but the ceiling looks cleaned up.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the report.

Anonymous said...

Burn the other half down!