Coffee Mugs, Andy Rooney Style

Please read this post in Andy Rooney's nasally voice for full effect...

Why is it that it's so hard to get coffee served in a mug these days? I realize the trend in coffeeshop efficiency caters to the oh-my-god-my-blackberry-is-so-full clan. I mean who really has time to sit and sip anymore? (In the interest of full disclosure, since I joined the ranks of freelance writers, I am one of those people who sit and drink coffee while you walk by and ask, "Do those people have jobs?")

Drinking coffee from a mug improves the tactile experience. I like the weight and the way the mug channels the warmth to your hands gently, without needing a paper sleeve advertising tooth whitening. I like being able to slurp the first sip to make sure it's not scalding hot, which is next to impossible with a plastic lid that delivers the burning liquid right to the middle of your unsuspecting tongue if you're not careful.

What gets me even more is when they ask if your order is "for here" or "to go," and you say for here but they still give you a paper cup.

I love Tryst and Open City for their hefty mismatched mugs, but they know you're staying if you're seated. Mocha Hut gave me a mug when I asked. And then there's Whole Foods, which I would think would offer mugs to patrons who could stay in an effort to reduce waste. (Could the water used to wash the mugs be more environmentally damaging?)

Maybe I'm alone in my Rooney-whiny rant. I have a friend who loves the paper cup, blaming it on Starbucks brainwashing. Who out there has great mugs? Care to weigh in with your own thoughts? Whine away.