Double Shot of Bourbon

Word has it that the new Bourbon, located on the first floor of the Blue Room, is now open.

Back in October on the Post's GOG Blog, Fritz Hahn first reported that the owners of both bars had decided to expand the neighborhoodie, Glover Park Bourbon to Adams Morgan.


Anonymous said...

Drove by what was the Blue Room yesterday. The sign is gone. There's just a Bourbon sign on the first floor. Is this just for renovations or a permanent thing, I wonder?

Anonymous said...

I went there last night. this is a great place. fantastic staff, tasty and affordable menu (I highly recommend the chili and the grilled cheese), and an amazing selection of beers and (duh) bourbon. Adams Morgan really needed a place like this.

If any of you folks who own or work at Bourbon are reading this: Thank you! You guys are awesome.

Amanda said...

To the first commenter, maybe they're just redesigning the sign? The Blue Room is still upstairs with its regular attraction of DJs and lounging. Its sister bar Bourbon just took over the first floor.