It's That Time Again

D.C. is about to embark on its ninth Restaurant Week, and though many of you may consider yourselves Restaurant Week pros by now, please humor me while I give my personal take (self plagiarized from a July post) on how to get the most out of the promotion, in case there are any newbies out there.

1. Choose really expensive places with good reputations. Consider if you'd spend $30 on dinner if it weren't Restaurant Week. If you wouldn't, then who's coming out ahead in the deal? Going to Acadiana or Corduroy, on the other hand, where entrées alone can cost nearly $ that's good thinking.

2. Call ahead to make sure the selection is good. There are plenty of places that offer practically their entire menus...and then there are places that offer two choices in each course. Would you like chicken or pasta? That's no fun.

3. Listen out for places that extend the deal beyond the official week. You can then take advantage of the bargain prices without the crowds and perturbed waitstaff. For example, Charlie Palmer Steak is participating in Restaurant Week only for lunch, but the thing is, the restaurant offers a $20.06 three-course lunch all year long.

4. Last but not least, remember that restaurant staffs may be working harder for smaller tips during Restaurant Week. Take the discount into account, and if your server is good to you, tip on what a regular three-course meal may have cost. The good karma will come back and find you.

Click here for OpenTable's list. Where will you be making reservations this time around?