Pre-Theater Eats

It's a common question this time of year: Where to eat before seeing a show? Here's a list of recommended restaurants with pre-theater deals by closest theaters. Many of these restaurants could work for numerous theaters, but I bet you're smart enough to figure that out.

• Arena Stage
Restaurant: 701 (cab or drive; there's nothing worth eating in walking distance)
Deal: Three courses for $25.95 (good selection)

• Ford's Theatre
Restaurant: Bistro d'Oc
Deal: Three courses and a glass of California wine for $21.95 (limited selection)

• Kennedy Center
Restaurant: Marcel's
Deal: Three courses for $48, which includes car service to the Kennedy Center. You can also hitch a ride back and have dessert after the show. (good selection)

Restaurant: Notti Bianche
Deal: Three courses for $35 (limited selection)

• National Theatre
Restaurant: Les Halles
Deal: Two courses for $17.89 (limited selection)

• Shakespeare Theatre
Restaurant: Le Paradou
Deal: Three courses for $45 (good selection, excellent value)

Restaurant: Café Atlantico
Deal: Three courses for $24.95

• Studio Theatre
Restaurant: Café Saint-Ex
Deal: Three courses for $26 (good selection)

• Warner Theatre
Restaurant: Tosca
Deal: Three courses for $32 (excellent selection)

• Wooly Mammoth Theatre
Restaurant: Poste Brasserie
Deal: Three courses for $30.06 (good selection)

Restaurant: Zola
Deal: Three courses for $28 (good selection)

Please call to check menu prices and times before making a reservation.


Jack Pratt said...

What a useful list, nicely done! I particularly like the Cafe Atlantico deal--only three choice per course, but you get some good ones there.

Anonymous said...

Chef Geoff, right across from Warner, has a great pre-theater option

Amanda said...

I tried the Tosca pre-theater before seeing Les Mis the other night — it's really an amazing deal with lots to choose from ...maybe 7-9 choices for each course. You don't feel like they're just offering you the easy-to-make, cheap stuff. I had to try the butternut squash strudel for dessert because I was curious, and it was really good. Sweet and crunchy with apples and raisins.

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant list of where to find some good pre-theatre offers, thanks for the ideas.