Big Time in the Burbs

I admit that I don't get out of the city as much as I'd like to. I'm carless, and sheer laziness has me spending most of my weekends playing and eating within a few blocks of my house. But if there were ever a time when the burbs seemed to be having more fun, at least in terms of exciting restaurant news, it's now. Here's a look at what's new and coming soon outside the city limits:

David Craig
4924 St. Elmo Avenue, Bethesda
The seafood heavy menu at this new spot in Bethesda sounds enticing, with dishes like Maryland oyster stew, pumpkin ravioli with sage brown butter and local rockfish with root vegetables. Washingtonian gives several dishes an initial thumbs up in the February issue.

Gallery Restaurant and Lounge
1115 East West Highway, Silver Spring
This new Silver Spring restaurant promises "American style dishes enhanced with flavors from the Caribbean, Central and South America." On the menu: ceviche, bacalao fritters, striped bass with roasted scotch bonnet salsa, and ribs with spicy tamarind sauce.

100 King Restaurant
100 King St., Alexandria
This new concept from the Lebanese Taverna empire adds European flavors to the Middle Eastern mezze the other restaurants are known for. Read more about the Alexandria spot in this Weekly Dish.

Indigo Landing
1 Marina Dr., Alexandria
The former Potowmack Landing (pictured) is getting a makeover and reopening April 10 with a new name and a new chef. Bryan Moscatello, who holds the honor of having been named one of Food & Wine's Best New Chefs in 2003, is creating a Southern low country menu, Tom Sietsema reports. DCist sounds excited about the new spot and the potential for an impressive wine program.

And More...
Geoff Tracy of Chef Geoff's will open Lia's Restaurant in Chevy Chase, where there's also talk of a second Sushi-Ko arriving this summer. Also in Chevy Chase, the owners of Indique will open Indique Heights, maybe by next month. In Silver Spring, Michael Landrum of Ray's the Steaks is expected to open Ray's: The Classics, and Old Town will be awaiting the arrival of Rustico, from the owners of Evening Star Cafe, Tallula and Vermilion, and Eamonn's/A Dublin Chipper, from the owners of Restaurant Eve.


GreenLiner said...

Why leave the city so soon when there's plenty of new venues popping up in our very own city? You really must check out this new bar near the booming ga ave-petworth metro.
It is called Temperance Hall and it's fantastic. The address is 3634 Georgia Ave NW, just south of Ga Ave-Petworth metro (green line).

There are select indie brews on tap including an organic brown ale. The theme is the Temperance era of the 1920s/30s and the propriator specializes in select Rye Whiskeys which is tres unique for all of DC if not the greater tri-state area. Incidentally did you know that Rye Whiskey was very popular during that time period and that there were a great many local distilleries in the Mid-Atlantic?

The interior plays a definite nod to the time period and although it's spanking new, it has the feel of an established bar with a distinctive provenance featuring tin ceilings, black and white hexagonal ceramic floor tiles, antiqued chandeliers and period-inspired fixtures and artwork.

I went Friday night and was back on Sunday. Got to sample the menu which right now features Grand Opening offerings with more to come including Brunch on the weekends. From what I tried, I loved the chorizitos - mini sausage dogs made of chorizos from the same producer who supplies Jaleo's sausages. The mini Sloppy Joes are inventive and yummy. And the 4 meat chili exemplifies HEARTY.
And nothing is more than $7. All very reasonable and they open at 5pm, perfect for the commuting city-dweller.

Amanda said...

Sounds like a cool spot. One of Joe Englert's new places, right? Do you happen to work there?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of suburbia, I'll reiterate my love for La Cote D'or in Falls Church, Va. Best, most authentic french food around. I don't have a car either, so, despite its close proximity to the East Falls Metro, I never make it out there. But I love it.

dcbrat said...

cool. need to try some of these
places. never really make it out of the city. thanks

Twoste said...

No! Leave the city. Silver Spring is the place to be!

GreenLiner said...

No I'm just smitten with the places interior and the proprietor's passion for good spirits.

Amanda said...

Aye, good spirits = good times.

Anonymous said...

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