Monday Medley

Just polished off the daily scramble on toast at Mocha Hut, which is quickly becoming my favorite Wi-Fi go-to spot, which means I'm still waiting for Verizon to get a move on and grant me the modern convenience of DSL. Besides unpacking boxes and going through Internet withdrawal, I checked out D.C.'s newest meat and potatoes destination, Fogo de Chão, and enjoyed a killer meal at CityZen.

The media party at Fogo was a kitschy-licious good time, full of men in gaucho pants brandishing skewers of juicy meats. The pork ribs, leg of lamb and fried plantains were my favorites, and appropriately enough, it's possible to make a trip to the salad bar and return with nothing but meat and cheese on your plate. It's also possible to abuse the powers of the two-sided disk, leaving it on green for way too long, and slip into a protein-induced food coma.

After rebounding from the meat fog the next evening, I was treated to an amazing procession of courses at CityZen, where chef Eric Ziebold has really hit his stride. Highlights included buttery slices of toro with a Yuengling popover and pickled tomatoes, chesnut soup with Bosc pear and Perigord truffles, risotto with sea urchin, and the Valentine's-inspired passion fruit "kisses" (small meringue puffs served with a bowl of creamy passion fruit curd for dipping).

Meanwhile, at the corner of Adams Morgan once occupied by Juanita's grocery, a sign has gone up heralding the arrival of "de vinos." From the little information on the Web site, it sounds like a wine shop that has already opened but is now being upgraded ... ? Anyone know more scoop?