Moving Pains

Please pardon the slump in post activity this week. I'm in the process of moving and am sans Internet at the moment. Having left the cozy cocoon of radiator heating, I'm also adjusting to some temperature regulation issues. Upstairs is sweltering while downstairs is what I'm calling "chateaux" temperature. Wool socks and sweaters aside, every cloud has a silver lining — my red wine stays the perfect temperature. Now if I could only find the box with the corkscrew...

Have no fear though. I'll be back up and running to bring you all the food news you crave in what's sure to be an exciting year for the D.C. restaurant scene. There's already news of a major overhaul at the brand-new Viridian. Check out this DonRockwell.com thread for the full story.


dcbrat said...

This link does not got to the story on

Amanda said...

fixed now