Clarendon Gets an Opium Den

OK, so Clarendon's not getting a real opium den, but the second location of Tandoori Nights, which will open Feb. 15 at 2800 Clarendon Blvd., will have a bar dubbed the Opium Den, where small plates of Indian street food and cocktails will be served.

The spin-off of the Gaithersburg Indian restaurant will feature contemporary Indian cooking. On the menu: potatoes stuffed with cheese and simmered with spices; grilled whole leg of lamb marinated in a garlic chili paste, ginger and spices; fish cooked Bombay style in a light tomato curry sauce served with tomatoes and onions; and for dessert, milk balls with cardamom served in rose-flavored sugar syrup, and rice pudding with nuts, saffron and dried fruits.

Owner Anil Miglani's wife, Shivani, will oversee the kitchen and is creating a signature cocktail list, including the Night's Margatini made with blue agave patron silver tequila, Cointreau, fresh lemon and lime, and the Mango-Rita made with gold tequila, triple sec and mangos.


Michael said...

what restaurant will be the first to name their bar the Whore House with its nightly Nakedtini with olives (2 of course) or well, I guess I'll stop there

Anonymous said...

I just called Tandoori Nights, and the restaurant is not opening tonight (2.15.06). The guy that answered said that the restaurant is still "under construction."

Anonymous said...

Tandoori Nights is now open!!!!!!! plus the bar was renamed the agni lounge. not as cool but i guess the opium den was not family freindly enough for the shopping center. I juist had one of thier lunch specials. not bad.

Smoke said...

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