Coming Soon: Wasabi

There's something delightfully futuristic about plucking your dinner off a conveyor belt. The first time I encountered conveyor-belt dining at YO! Sushi in London, I remember thinking that this is what people back in the 1950s must have envisioned when they thought about restaurants of the future.

London-based chef Miguel Choy is bringing a modification of that Japanese "kaiten" dining concept to Farragut Square sometime this spring with Wasabi. The space is still under construction, but people were working inside (always a good sign) when I stopped by Monday.

"The food will be healthy and modern," Choy told Metrocurean via e-mail. "It will be based on traditional Japanese cuisine, but will introduce western flavours, particularly those from Latin-America." (No groaning from the peanut gallery!)

The chef also said that by merging conveyor-belt delivery with an upscale environment, his London restaurants have been successful. "This allows customers to enjoy dining at their own pace, whether it is a quick lunch or a leisurely dinner," Choy said in the e-mail. That could be good news for those working in the surrounding offices.

According to the Web site for Yuzu Restaurants, co-founded by Choy, the chef also had a hand in London's popular YO! Sushi and K10 restaurants. I'll be fishing more details on the menu and design, so stay tuned.

908 17th St. NW


Lisa said...

Have you been to Sushi Go Around yet in Gallery Place? They have a conveyor belt and decent sushi. I usually go there if I want a quick dinner before I go to see a movie.

Anonymous said...

ugh is right re: the Latin influenced Asian thing at which he hinted--surely that market is saturated by now in DC (e.g., Zengo, Merkado, etc.)??!! And I'm a little disappointed at the conveyor belt concept. I was hoping Wasabi would be something more--on par with some of the better sushi places in NYC. My experience with conveyor belt sushi places has never been that great. I've yet to find great sushi in DC.

Amanda said...

Haven't been to Sushi Go Round, but I was going to mention them as D.C.'s very first conveyor belt joint, but it occurred to me there could've been others that have come and gone ... ? Doubtful though.

To anon: You're not a fan of Kaz or Sushi-Ko? I think those are the best in the city.

It will be interesting to see how "upscale" Wasabi goes or if it will be more of and in-and-out place.

Anonymous said...

It must be noted that in Japan, kaiten sushi=cheap sushi.

Anonymous said...

I like Sushi Go Around...pretty good and not too expensive.

I think there should be more sushi places in general in DC!

FKidd said...

Eating out at one of the Yo Sushi London branches is a gauranteed good night out. The food is great and the vibe is amaing. I love starting a night out there.