The Cupcakes We've Been Pining For?

This post feels a little bit like being in elementary school when you'd share some cookies with your friend, sparking a minor uprising, and prompting the teacher to look down her nose and ask, "Did you bring enough to share with everyone?"

Well, I did not bring enough to share. I was a guest at a birthday party Saturday night with some terrifically moist cupcakes--chocolate with peanut butter cream filling and vanilla with Grand Marnier filling, both topped with fluffy pink and blue icing. Unfortunately for D.C., Josh Short, Zola and Red Sage's former pastry chef and baker of the cupcakes in question, left the District to open the From Scratch Baking Co. in Charlottesville last September. Fortunately for the party-goers, he was also a guest and came armed with trays full of the delicious confections.

The bakery in Charlottesville offers gourmet takeout and baked goods made with local ingredients. If you happened to need a hundred or so cupcakes, the bakery could deliver them to D.C. for you (call them at 434-970-2253). Otherwise, stop in if you're planning a trip down, or join me in crossing your fingers that Short just might decide D.C. needs a new bakery selling moist and fluffy cupcakes.

(Photo by Nycci Nellis.)