Simply Home Conversion Complete

In an impressively quick makeover, the space once occupied by Julia's Empanadas on U Street has been transformed into the sleek restaurant extension of Simply Home.

The narrow Thai restaurant, which connects to the retail space next door, offers lounge seating in the front, a full service bar crowned by a giant plasma TV and a long row of tables against one wall. The original take-out operation is still available, but now there's a separate dining room menu.

For more background, check out this post from September.

(Photo from simplyhomedc.com.)


T said...

Walking past before they were open, the dining room looked great. Unfortunately, the nwe menu appears to be approximately twice as expensive as the old one. I guess you have to pay for the sleek, minimalist decor!

Amanda said...

Yeah, it's a little confusing to have a separate take-out and dining room menu. I think the eat-in prices are a lot more expensive than Rice's, too.

Anonymous said...

I heard from a supposedly close-to-one-of-the-owners source that the new restaurant was intended to be higher-end (read: pricier, apparently) than Rice.

Looks like my source was correct. . .

Amanda said...

It's too bad. We have plenty of good expensive restaurants in this town. What we don't have enough of are places with entrees between $10-$15.

Michael said...

I went last night ... dreadful would be kind, service was ok until tables started to come in ... we were first and it was slow from the beginning.

Assuming that we can revise the word slow to "leisurely paced" for a fine dining experience which you would expect from the prices -- things start to fall apart when the food arrives. Example: the crispy chicken is crispy on the outside and inside and shredded chicken breast is not appealing without barbecue sauce

$75 for two is not good unless it includes take out so you can eat when you get home