Shimba Hills Coffee Opens Next Week

Today's Post Food section has some information on an interesting new coffeeshop set to open next week on the Seventh Street side of the MCI, er, Verizon Center.

Shimba Hills Coffee, which according to the story has been named the "official" coffee of the Verizon Center (there's even a "smooth yet tangy and bold" Wizards blend for sale on the Web site), is a homegrown operation from a trio of young entrepreneurs. The shop "will feature fine coffees and teas from East Africa and elsewhere, pastries and other nonalcoholic beverages, plus wine and beer," the Post reports.

I have to give the owners props for jumping into such a competitive market and for landing a prime spot in Penn Quarter. They are clearly trying to stand out from the Starbucks sea with a thoughtful charity program and ads that say things like, "This will be our only location on this block. (We promise.)"

Metrocurean wishes them the best of luck, but the burning question is, will there be coffee mugs?