It was only a matter of time before the acai drumbeat got loud enough to become a bona fide trend, and as the Express mentioned the other day, now that Oprah's on it, it's offically going mainstream.

In case you've been living under a foodie trend rock (the pomegranate was so 2004, by the way), the acai berry is the antioxidant-packed fruit of a rainforest palm with a flavor similar to blueberries with a bit of chocolate mixed in. It's been popping up in juices at grocery stores and is making its way into the repetoires of bar mixologists.

You can try free samples of drinks made with the juice at the Z Lounge in the Sports Club/LA (1170 22nd St. NW) tonight from 6 to 8 p.m.

Or you can try hitting the bar at Cafe Atlantico (which you should do sometime anyway), and ordering their new acai mango martini, made with fresh mango juice, mango rum and acai juice.

Any other acai sightings to report?