Musical Chairs

From the local foodie buzz, it sounds like the game of musical restaurant chairs set off by La Colline's closing is more or less settled. And it seems, in a karmic twist, that what Capitol Hill taketh away from Dupont Circle, it giveth back in a new spot:

Out of 400 North Capitol St.: La Colline
In: Johnny's Half Shell, as covered in today's Roll Call (subs. required).

Out of 2002 P St. NW: Johnny's Half Shell
In: A spin-off of the Hill's popular Montmartre

Staying put 327 Seventh St. SE: Montmartre, according to reports from diners and despite a report to the contrary.


Anonymous said...

kudos to you for keeping track of this wild and ever changing story! sounds like we finally have the whole story corrected.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info! I don't have a subscription for RC... Does anyone know the date of when Johnny's is shutting its Dupont doors (and any hopes for when everyone will open up in their new place?)?

Amanda said...

Not sure yet when the Dupont location will close but the move is set to be complete around June. I'll hopefully know more about Montmartre soon.

Twoste said...

Do you have any suggestions for where the average lunch-goer can get some decent fare on the Senate side of Capitol Hill? I just started a new job, and have moved from K St. to C. St., only to find the dining options severely diminished. Cue immense depression. Working on K St. not only made me a lunch-dependent person (I almost never needed a big dinner for the past year), it also made me realize that I loved lunch in general (something I'd never really thought about before). Now I'm left basking in the glow of warm memories of Breadline, and realizing how spoiled for choice I was.
I've heard talk of a nice cafeteria in the Longworth building, and the Capitol Hill Grille isn't half bad. But aside from that there are precious few options.
Currently I'm on a self-imposed boycott of the Union Station food courts because most of what they serve is junk food, and I've heard they have a big rat problem in those kitchens.
So, Metrocurean, can you help me out? Any suggestions you might have from Union Station to Judiciary square, between D and H Streets would be most appreciated!

Anonymous said...


glad i emailed you this info about 6 months ago.

timely stuff.


Amanda said...

When a restaurant owner won't confirm information because they haven't crossed all their t's and signed contracts and such, and they ask for information not to be released, I try to respect those wishes. That said, keep your prescient info coming, anon.

To twoste: You've landed in my old stomping grounds, and I hate to say the outlook is somewhat grim. I often resorted to Corner Bakery tomato soup, sadly enough. You could try a burger from Billy Goat Tavern, take-out sushi from Kyoto by Lounge 201, french onion soup at Bistro Bis, the $20.05 three-course lunch at Charlie Palmer, a sandwich from Cafe Phillips (on F St.)... I heard rumors that the G'town Law cafeteria is good. And if time and weather allow, a walk to Gallery Place isn't bad. Let me know what you find in food Siberia.