Back to Life, Back to Reality

Welcome back to the daily grind. I couldn't help getting Soul II Soul's song stuck in my head this morning, thus the title of this post. I also couldn't resist sharing this off-topic and unappetizing shot of a deceased sea turtle, somehow still majestic in death, that we came across on a hike last week. She may convey how some of you are feeling back at work this morning.

But onward we forge into the sultry heat of summer. On the horizon is a mid-summer opening for Eamonn's - A Dublin Chipper, possibly in the next few weeks, chef and owner Cathal Armstrong indicates on I spoke to Todd Thrasher, manager and sommelier at Restaurant Eve, recently about his plans for the new restaurant's 1920s speakeasy-inspired bar. He's been working on fresh takes on retro cocktails (like clear mint juleps and Moscow mules) and foraging for antique stemware.

Check out what else Thrasher and other local mixologists have up their sleeves for summer in this Washingtonian item I wrote.

Also opening in the next few weeks is the Park Hyatt's Blue Duck Tavern with chef Brian McBride. Read more about it here.