Dis and Dat

It's been a busy week here at Metrocurean headquarters (paying work tends to take a toll on the blog), but in an effort to feed you demanding readers on a time crunch, I offer this mishmash of things floating around in my head and inbox:

* Get some inspiration for what to do this weekend (go Roberto!) from this post I wrote yesterday on the new Express blog, FreeRide. I'm looking forward to trying out a scaled-down version of the recipe for agua loco, the Mexican answer to sangria.

* Charlie Palmer Steak just added a Sunday dinner service to its schedule. And don't forget about the restaurant's bargain $20.06 three-course lunch. You can even try sauteed skate wing, which Washingtonian examines this month as the trash fish turned treasure.

* Restaurant Eve and acclaimed cookbook author Joan Nathan are joining together May 16 for a five-course dinner centered on her new book, "The New American Cooking." Dinner begins at 6:30 p.m. and costs $145 (exclusive of tax and gratuity) per person, which includes wine pairings and a signed copy of Nathan's book. For reservations, call (703) 706-0450.

* There's a new coffee shop in the works (pictured) on the southeast corner of 14th and U streets. Unfortunately, that's about the extent of the information I have. How's that for thorough reporting? Chime in if you know anything and would like to share with the class.

* Finally, you can't really be a serious restaurant these days without putting some serious thought into your cocktail list. The relatively new Willow in Ballston just unveiled its signature drink list and is breaking in its patio. Among the cocktails are a Nantucket Red Lemonade, made with orange and raspberry Stoli vodka and cranberry and citrus juices with a splash of Sprite; the Lady, made with champagne, passion fruit puree and pomegranate juice; and the Ballston Sidecar, which mixes Courvoisier VSOP Cognac, Cointreau and citrus, served up.


Anonymous said...

The rest of that building at 14th and U looks so run down, I cannot imagine a decent coffee place setting up shop there.

Amanda said...

Yeah, it's in pretty bad shape. There's a dry cleaners on the corner, and then a clothing store on the other side. They just took down the old awning, and there's been workers inside, so we'll see what shapes up.

Anonymous said...

Funny timing here about this possible coffee shop location. The Cafe Collage neighbors wanted the owners to relocate to this space on 14th, and move out of the current space on the residential block. The neighbors reportedly even offered their support for this move, and would drop all opposition to the business, but the owners opted to stay put on T St.

Alas, another poor business decision...

Anonymous said...

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