Donna's Cuisine Reigns Supreme

Congratulations to Galileo chef Roberto Donna for his win over Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto last night on Iron Chef America. The Italian chef more than avenged the loss he suffered during his first match by completing all five required dishes, plus one.

After a good deal of browbeating on camera (at right), Donna's bravado proved itself justified when the judges awarded him 54 points to Morimoto's 48 in Battle Squid. Donna definitely scored originality points with his tin of "caviar" --actually Israeli couscous stained black with squid ink -- a clever dish also done by Michel Richard at Citronelle.

You've done D.C. proud, Donna.


Anonymous said...

I remember I was having dinner at Galileo when the IC was being filmed. The waiter told us that he had just learned that Roberto had won. This was months ago !

I still remember the truffle agnolotti...hmmmm

Amanda said...

I'll bet that waiter could've been in big trouble for spilling the beans. Although I remember a mention in Tom Sietsema's chat from a diner who was eating at Galileo and when the chef walked in, all the staff applauded. Tom alluded to some good news the chef had just recieved ... Were you dining in the main restaurant? How was the rest of your meal?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I remember people started applauding and I asked a waiter why, and he told me. There were boxes marked "Food Network" close to the kitchen. I was in the "main" restaurant. The food was just excellent. The dessert, zuppa di cioccolato , was simply amazing.

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