Trader Joe's Coming in July

Good news, city folk: Trader Joe's is slated to open July 25 at the Columbia Residences in the West End, according to The Current Newspapers.

The Current report also mentions that the 9,500-square-foot store will offer a 50-car underground garage.

Anyone have news on the legend of Adams Morgan's Harris Teeter, while we're talking grocery stores?


Anonymous said...

There is a "Harris Teeter Coming Soon" sign is hanging on the construction fence. . . but there's also a sign urging citizens to "bring Harris Teeter to Adams Morgan" sign hanging on the building still. Realtors with whom I've spoken about nearby properties are saying HT's a done deal, but they aren't exactly a reliable source on the subject.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the info.

Anonymous said...

Awesome intel.


lal_aloo said...

I'm trying to find out if Trader Joe's ever came to DC. Can't seem to find any information online..