Black's Reopens Today

If you had visited Black's Bar and Kitchen in its previous life, you probably wouldn't recognize the above picture of the new and dramatically different space. All decked out in sleek blond wood and clean lines, the restaurant will quietly reopen tonight, accommodating guests with reservations only.

Metrocurean had a chance to preview the space and some of the food at a party last week. The biggest standout was the Black's corn dog. Made with delicious boudin blanc fried in corncake batter, it's a far cry from its traditional frozen brethren. Read more about the extensive renovation here.

Owners Jeff and Barbara Black are also the proud parents of Blacksalt, which just took home the RAMMY award for best new restaurant on Sunday night.

Black's Bar and Kitchen
7750 Woodmont Ave.
Bethesda, Md.

(Photos by Jennifer Lust.)


Anonymous said...

Design looks just a LITTLE familiar, check out the third image on this page:


Anonymous said...

Either way, a huge improvement ove r the original. I think it's lovely.

Anonymous said...

I walked by Sunday night - unlike anything i've ever seen in Bethesda - very hip, modern and the place was packed, too. Can't wait to try that corn dog. (with a side of oysters!)