Congrats to RAMMY Winners

Blame it on the rain (or lightning to be more precise) but Metrocurean headquarters were zapped and rendered Internet-less, so my congrats come a day late. But you can check out FreeRide's take on Sunday's raucous restaurant awards here, along with a full list of winners.


Mark Cimino said...

Hi Amanda,

Just spoke with you at Busboys & Poets restaurant. If your lightning zapped machine's hard drive can't be recovered at the place you took it to., there's also the last resort which is the "clean room" (The people in the space suits physically open it up). I know of some people who do that, it's expensive but if the data is important you can go that route.

Amanda said...

Thanks for the tip - it's looking retrievable!

Still recovering (Colleen) said...

Metrocurean's fine dancing skills got a shoutout from DCist ;)

Amanda said...

Indeed. And some fine skillz they is.