Eamonn's Takes Shape

Concrete details about Eamonn’s A Dublin Chipper, the highly anticipated fish and chip shop from the owners of Restaurant Eve, are starting to take shape. The new restaurant, which is located just three blocks from Eve in Alexandria, is slated for a mid-July opening, with July 17 mentioned as a target date.

Chef Cathal Armstrong, his wife, Meshelle (pictured), and partner, sommelier and "liquid master" Todd Thrasher are cooking up a two-pronged destination: The main floor will house the 20-seat "chipper" while the upstairs will be home to PX, a social club modeled after an old speakeasy, complete with a covert entrance marked only by a blue light and a buzzer.

On the menu at the chipper will be fish fried in a secret batter, a bunless "burgher" also fried in batter, bangers, "da bits" (which are described as crunchy fried remnants), fried Mars bars and doughnuts. To adorn the fish and chips, homemade sauces, dubbed "The Secret Seven," will include salt and vinegar, hot chili aioli, sauce Marie Rose and Chesapeake Bay dip. According to a message from Meshelle, "the fish, secret batter and sauces are all very good and healthy for you. Now the donuts, well, that’s another story."

Upstairs will be Thrasher's realm, where it sounds like he'll continue creating amazing cocktails like those he serves at Eve. The bar will be stocked with freshly squeezed juices, homemade tonic and bitters and customized ice cubes to keep drinks from being diluted. When I last spoke to Thrasher a few months back, he was working on fresh takes on retro cocktails (like clear mint juleps and Moscow mules) and foraging for antique stemware. Meshelle's message warns, "those seeking his A-list aperitifs will stay in his good graces, if you don’t order just a Vodka Tonic." I wouldn't dream of it.

Eamonn's is named for the Armstrong's son; Restaurant Eve for their daughter.

Eamonn's A Dublin Chipper
728 King St.
Old Town, Alexandria, Va.