The Faux Latte

Another Metrocurean random Friday product endorsement ...

I've written in this space before about the tactile pleasures involved with the cup of coffee ritual, including the mug vs. paper cup battle and the rousing aroma. To be honest, I consider myself a faux junkie, drinking more for the experience, flavor and smell than the caffeine fix. Really, I swear.

My faux addiction ("Seriously, I don't have a problem," she says as her fingers shake over the keyboard) has given way to a second tier dependency on foam. And my faux latte.

Since the magic Primo Latte wand entered my life, a cup of coffee without a frothy crown is like Nick without Jessica, popcorn without butter, cornbread without honey—it's just not the same.

But for just a few extra minutes and only about $20, you too can experience the faux latte each and every morning in the comfort of your pajamas. (Think about how far $20 will get you at Starbucks.) Read on ...

Step 1:
Brew coffee or espresso as usual. Pour a few tablespoons of cold, nonfat milk into a glass. Cold, nonfat milk froths the best.

Step 2: Stick the Primo Latte frother in the milk and give it a whirl for about 10 seconds. Milk should more than double in volume. You can microwave it for a few seconds (beware: it will keep growing) if you want your foam warm.

Step 3: Spoon froth onto coffee. I pour my cup of coffee the same way I did in what I now refer to as the Dark Ages, with a little half-and-half for creaminess. Then I top it off with foam and ... voila! A faux latte.

The BonJour Primo Latte is available at Home Rule, 1807 14th St. NW.