Food Section Fate

FishbowlDC has the scoop on The Washington Post's plans for its Food, Health and Home sections. The three will be rolled into one section that will appear three days a week.

According to Fishbowl's account of the Post's Friday announcement:
"Each of the three days will be dominated by a 'heritage' theme -- Food on Wednesday, for instance -- that will take up 2/3 of the section's front page plus pages 2 through 6 (Home and Health will be pages 7-8). The mix will be different on the other days. The launch target date is in September."

So it's kind of like the Food section will still be around. Sort of. Needless to say, Metrocurean would like to see more food coverage not less. But depending on how the section turns out, this might not be that big of a change. With Food leading the section once a week and additional food coverage backing up the other topics on two other days, we could end up with a net gain.

Silver lining? What do you think?