Good News for Stoney's Fans

The Post's Tom Sietsema breaks some exciting news in today's dining chat:

Washington, D.C.: Has Stoney's ever reopened? My grilled cheese patience is running thin!!

Tom Sietsema: News flash: Stoney's is re-opening, across from Whole Foods on P St. in Logan Circle, in the P St. Bistro space. Look for an end-of-July launch date.


The popular dive bar closed not long ago, leaving a hole in its fans' hearts. Meanwhile, P St. Bistro seemed to struggle in the short time it was open. Last time I walked past, the hostess was forlornly picking her nails in boredom, while crowds overflowed from neighboring Merkado, Halo and Logan Tavern.

I'm with Tom on the "whoo-hoo."


Anonymous said...

That's great news. P St. Bistro is a waste of space. I keep saying we need a diner around here!

colleen said...

my momma always said that when god closes a door he opens a window. well it looks like just when we're about to lose Bar Pilar tots, we're gaining stoney's. all is right with the world.

Kriston said...

What happened with P St. Bistro? It was cheaper than both its neighbors and showed some promise early on.

dcbrat said...

Stoney's is a Washington DC landmark, where I ate many many,
a grilled cheese, and listened to
bartenders from other bars talk about their nite. It was a place , that as a native Washingtonian, I would go with my father when I was a kid on hal- price pizza night. I am so incredibely happy that it is moving right down the street from me.

P street Bistro was a flop before it even opened.

Anonymous said...

I cant wait for the return of Stoney's! I used to go there almost every night after the bus dropped me off at 14 and K...it was right on the way home.

I miss the One Eye burger!

Anonymous said...

Please, God, don't let them turn into an organic tapas place.

Anonymous said...

Same bar food as before - email stoneysdc@gmail.com for info!

Anonymous said...

Checked out the new Stoney's last night. Initial impression very positive!

Amanda said...

Thanks for linking to your thoughts on the new place. I agree that it's a nice break from the shiny places that surround it.