More on Morou and New Rumberos

Erin Killian at the Washington Business Journal brings us more information on chef Morou's new restaurant, Farrah Olivia. The spot is named for his 2-year-old daughter but will also get help from Mom, according to the story:

Now that he's found the space, Ouattara is nailing down details, including his menu and dishes. He says his mother will be a key taste tester because she regularly eats in both Africa and the United States.

Meanwhile, over on the GOG Blog, Erin Hartigan reports on her first impressions of the new Rumberos in Columbia Heights:

The restaurant has a spacious bar, and the drinks were delicious. We delighted in watching our bartender mix together vibrant green leaves of mint for our freshly muddled caipirinhas and mojitos. But the food, well, left us wanting more drinks.


Anonymous said...

This trend has got to stop. It's bad enough when pop stars write songs about their kids. It's nauseating.

Spiral Stairs said...

Glad to see he's nailing down "details" like the "menu and dishes." Sheesh. I'm busy nailing down "details" like "breathing" and "circulating my blood."

I also wish he would pick either Farrah OR Olivia as the name of the place. "Farrah Olivia" sounds weird, like he couldn't make up his mind. Maybe he could name the main restaurant Farrah, and open a bistro or bar called Olivia. (I don't have a problem with using kids' names. It's a nice tribute.)

Anonymous said...

it is a shame that people have so little going on in their lives that they have nothing better to do than to make nasty comments about something as meanless as a restaurants name.

Cheers to all you losers in the world!