Voting Rights

We may not get to vote for members of Congress, but at least we can try to get a D.C. representative elected America's hottest bartender. We'll take what we can get.

AOL's City Guide has launched a competition to find America's Hottest Bartender, and yes, even people in the District have a voice.

Check out the five men AOL chose, including Damion from Clyde's of Gallery Place, Brad from Zaytinya and James from Café Saint-Ex. The ladies include Megan from Cantina Marina, Allyson from Blue Gin and Ashleigh from Eyebar. Who ever said D.C. is Hollywood for ugly people? Come on.

Don't see your favorite? List 'em in the comment section.

Meanwhile, DC Style is taking votes for the hottest chef, though it seems talent, not looks, is the criteria there. Voting runs through June 30, and the 25 nominees run the gamut from Gillian Clark of Colorado Kitchen to Michel Richard of Citronelle.