"Battle Frozen Peas" Goes to Flay

Chef Morou Ouattara gave a strong showing Sunday night on Food Network's Iron Chef America, but it wasn't enough to beat out Bobby Flay in Battle Frozen Peas.

The former Signatures chef and soon-to-be chef/owner of Farrah Olivia in Alexandria turned out a creative pea-filled menu, including tempura fried pepperoncini stuffed with pea puree, lamb with pea salad and a judge-pleasing sweet pea cream cheese stick coated in chocolate for dessert.

Morou won the chance to compete on the show in October, when he squared off in a local battle against former 1789 chef Ris Lacoste and Ristorante Tosca chef Cesare Lanfranconi.

Quote of the night: Author and judge Julie Powell's proclamation that "There's much pea-ness going on here, which is nice," in response to one of Morou's dishes.


Anonymous said...

I thought Chef Morou's creations were much more creative than Bobby Flay's which were very predictable. Pea soup? Gimme a break, how boring!

Anonymous said...


Amanda said...

I know, how juvenile of me.

Anonymous said...


Chef Morou was outstanding in creativity; sorry I could not taste it; a joy to watch maneuvering the kitchen;and the plating was superb! Flay was no match; I don't know where they got those judges. Those scores REALLY need to be challenged. There is no way that Flay could have won!!!