Wasabi Opens Today

Wasabi, a new conveyor-belt sushi joint on Farragut Square, officially opened its doors today. Back in February, Metrocurean got the scoop on the new spot from chef Miguel Choy, who comes to D.C. by way of London, where he was executive chef at K-10 and Yuzu restaurants. Choy also has plans to open several more restaurants in the area, including take-out kiosks and a possible rooftop lounge.

On the menu at Wasabi is traditional sushi, delivered kaiten-style via a 50-foot conveyor belt, along with soups, salads and grilled dishes like salmon and chicken basted with teriyaki sauce and Peruvian-inspired anticucho, prepared with panca and amarillo chilies. A selection of sakes will be available once the liquor license gets out of limbo, most likely in the next few days.

Dishes on the belt are color coded by price ($2 to $5) and include labels to help you sort out what you're eating. The restaurant also offers take-out service, including sushi boxes, salads, drinks, charcoal-grilled teriyaki and noodle soups.

Pulling from local talent, the restaurant brought on Steve Greehan, most recently of Kaz Sushi Bistro, as manager.

The restaurant is open for lunch from 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. and dinner 5-9 p.m., Monday through Friday, and notably closed on weekends. Check out a few early impressions from members on donrockwell.com.

908 17th St. NW
Washington, DC


Anonymous said...

BOOOOO! I hate that it's not going to be open on the weekend!

Amanda said...

It does seem strange. There are plenty of restaurants that do well at night in office-heavy areas. Maybe once they get up and running, that will change.

sachi said...

eh. this restaurant was just ok. if you are going to go, i would suggest sitting near where the food comes out - when i was there i missed out on a lot of food because the family that was sitting near where the food came out took most of the interesting dishes. i'm surprised that not more of these dishes came out on the conveyor belt.

Anonymous said...

I went to Wasabi when it opened. Despite huge crowds, the food is not great. Mediocre, at best, sushi. And the service is terrible -- although you don't need to rely on them to get the food. But try to get a drink, you're screwed. Also the sushi selection is incredibly minimal.

Anonymous said...

I find that this restaurant sucks in every way. The food are bland!! The most disappointing for me is the hot dishes. They suck!! This restaurant needs flavor on its food if it really wants to do well. Even with a happy hour event going on, I would rather attend other sushi joint in the area. I think the worst part is, they don't have specials going on to surprise diners and eaters in the area.

Anonymous said...

Here are some suggestions;

* Amaebi – Sweet shrimp
* Boston Rolls – Crab, salmon, and scallion
* California – Crab and avocado
* Ebi – Shrimp
* Egg Salad Rolls – Hard-boiled eggs, mayonnaise, and green onion strips
* Hamachi – Yellow Tail
* Hirame - Halibut
* Holiday Rolls – Turkey, cranberry salsa, and cream cheese strips
* Hotate – Scallop
* Ika – Squid
* Ikura – Salmon roe
* Kani - Crab
* Kappa Ma – Cucumber
* Maguro – Tuna
* Masago – Smelt Roe
* Mirugai – Giant clam
* New York Rolls – Smoked salmon, apple, and avocado
* Pesto Rolls – Turkey or chicken, cream cheese strips, and pesto
* Philadelphia Rolls – Smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese strips
* Saba – Mackerel
* Sake - Salmon
* Shrimp Rolls – Shrimp and cream cheese strips
* Smoked Salmon Rolls – Smoked salmon, cucumber, and cream cheese strips
* Spider Roll
* Summer Melon Rolls – Prosciutto and melon strips
* Tako - Octopus
* Tai – Red snapper
* Tamago – Egg
* Tekka Maki – Tuna Roll
* Temaki – Spicy tuna
* Texas Rolls – Cooked beef, cucumber, and spinach leaves
* Toro – Fatty Tuna
* Tuna Salad Rolls – Tuna salad and lettuce leaves
* Unagi – Eel
* Uni – Sea urchin
* Veggie Rolls – Pesto, cucumber, tomato, mushrooms, scrambled egg, scallions

* Short-grain white rice
* Nori (seaweed)
* Mirin (sweet rice wine)
* Seasoned rice vinegar
* Prawns
* Barbecue or regular eel
* Caviar
* Albacore
* Avocado
* Alpha or bean sprouts
* Asparagus
* Shitake mushrooms
* Cream cheese
* Tempura batter

If you don't see any of these items on display at Wasabi, don't bother showing up again. U get a much pleasant experience at other sushi bar.

I also think the price of drinks are over priced. I think this restaurant is ripping people off.

Christy said...

It was pretty horrible. A number of the plates were a reddish-purple - even our server couldn't tell us if they were supposed to be pink, red or blue. Also, our server kept removing our plates as soon as we finished eating, making it impossible to keep track of what we'd had (and impossible to verify the check.) Expensive with incredibly boring food? Skip it and just hit Cafe Asia down the street.

Anonymous said...

Seems strange in this blog to say something good about the place, but I am pretty much once or twice a week there for takeout or to sit down (lunch).

Good quality and I like the energetic atmosphere. The quality of the takeout is very good and filling a niche in the area. Takeout could be more adventurous, but I can certainly find myself in their offering.
My 2 cents.

Anonymous said...

ate at Wasabi recently and really liked it - good variety, decent quality, apealing atmosphere -- in short - i'll return. yes, i also like the $300/person dinners at Makoto - but sometimes it's also nice to pay $25-$45 and just have good (maybe not world class) sushi in a quiet, low-key place. if you're a sushi snob and willing to pay a quarter the airfare to Tokyo for a night out for 2, by all mean do. it is FABULOUS. otherwise, relax and enjoy Wasabi.

Amanda said...

Sounds like some varied opinions. Did any of the commenters from early on go back once the restaurant had settled in? Just wondering if the quality improved once they'd shaken off the new restaurant jitters. I hear mostly positive feedback from people I know.

Anonymous said...

I just got take-out from there for lunch today and thought it was very good. The sushi is a bit bland, but it's the best I've had in this area of DC (granted I haven't been to the really high end places). I loved the hot food -good flavor and value. Best news yet.....they deliver!

Amanda said...

Thanks for the update. Do you know how far they'll deliver?

Dwacon said...

Is it too late to add that I love this place. When I'm in DC... it is a great lunch spot.

Amanda said...

Not at all, dwacon! Did you happen to catch my piece in yesterday's Washington Post about WasabiSito, Wasabi's little brother?