A.V. Ristorante's Days Are Numbered

The rumor that A.V. Ristorante Italiano, the venerable Italian restaurant that opened in 1949 at 607 New York Ave. NW, is closing has been floating around for a while, but it appears to be official now. FreeRide draws our attention to an item buried at the bottom of a Washington Post column reporting that developer Douglas Jemal bought the lot occupied by A.V. with plans for offices and retail space.

The well-worn and well-loved restaurant won't close until October 2007, according the column, but it's sure to stir up some sentimental nostalgia. If ever there were a restaurant caught in time, this would be it. Their white pizza is damn good, but the creepy Gothic fireplace in the main dining room looks like it hasn't been dusted in 50 years. But that's part of the reason people, including Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia (see DCist), love it so. It's old school Italian through and through.

This Washingtonian piece does a nice job with the history of A.V. Have any fond A.V. memories to share as we prepare to mourn the loss of a D.C. institution?