Fall Food Line-Up

If you're anything like me, you love keeping track of who's opening what restaurant and when. (That must be part of the reason you read this blog). Here's a by no means official list of some spots on Metrocurean's radar that are expected to open this fall.

Bastille: Expected to open Sept. 5, this joint venture from former Aquarelle chefs Christophe Poteaux and Michelle Garbee will feature "updated Franco-Mediterranean cuisine" and a carefully selected wine list. 1201 N. Royal St., Alexandria

BLT Steak: Chef Laurent Tourondel (at right) will enter the D.C. market with this modern spin on a traditional steakhouse. In his chat today, the Post's Tom Sietsema updates us with a projected November opening. [Post's Weekly Dish] 1625 I St. NW

Cafe Bonaparte: See Monday's post.

Comet: This Ping Pong-themed pizzeria from chef Carole Greenwood and James Alefantis (of Buck's Fishing and Camping) should open in the next month. The sign from the old Comet liquor store in Adams Morgan will hold a place of honor over the kitchen, where Greenwood is planning a simple menu of pizzas and salads. When I previewed the space in early August, the pizza oven (brought in from Italy) was in place and the custom steel-framed booths were being installed. Read more on Comet in the September issue of DC magazine. 5037 Connecticut Ave. NW

Farrah Olivia: Chef Morou's new restaurant, right beside the Alexandria Balducci's, is slated for a fall opening. Fans of the talented chef's eclectic cooking will finally get to see what Morou (at left) can do when left to his own devices. Look for African and French influences on the menu. 600 Franklin St., Alexandria

Johnny's Half Shell: The move from its former home in Dupont is almost complete, and the seafood restaurant will host a fundraiser Sept. 6 for Willie Mae's Scotch House in New Orleans (read more on donrockwell.com and DCist). 400 North Capitol St. NW

PS 7's: Former Vidalia executive chef Peter Smith returns to the scene with a spacious restaurant in Penn Quarter. He's gathered an impressive team for the new spot, which should open mid-September. 777 I St. NW

Stoney's: This popular dive is expected to make a comeback in the P St. Bistro space, but things looked fairly quiet inside this week. Stay tuned. 1433 P St. NW


Jno said...

Thanks good info:

Adding to that:

Becks from Robert Weidemeir
Central at 11th and Pa. late 06- Michel Richard

There's got to be more...

Amanda said...

Right, but we probably won't see those two til well into winter. It's great to have some of our best chefs opening second restaurants.

Anonymous said...

Posh in the former Orantique space is supposed to open soon as well as a place called Proof at 8th and G St.

CLF said...

Great info! Nice to have it all in one easy-to-access blog entry.
Il Mulino will debut in Washington at Vermont & L NW in late November...not to mention 325 Dunkin Donuts stores between Baltimore and Washington in the next 3 years - hooray!!!!

Amanda said...

Stay tuned to Metrocurean for some details on Proof.

And that's crazy about Dunkin's expansion - taking on the big Buck!

gpliving said...

Can't wait to hear more about Proof!