Good for the Gurus

Each year The Washington Post's Best Bets contest draws the ire of locals when the inevitable inclusion of a large number of chains makes us feel like we live in Anytown, USA. And each year, the Going Out Gurus who maintain the washingtonpost.com's City Guide hear from a host of whiners (Metrocurean included) about the winners.

This year, however, they've added value to the contest by giving us their personal favorites — an expert take, if you will. It's an extremely handy list, including such under-the-radar gems as Levi's Port Café for barbecue and Crème Café (pictured) for new restaurant.

Also helpful is the "guru's pick" designation on the readers' choice lists, which points out where the gurus and readers agree. The additions seem like their way of saying, "yes, we know the prevalence of chains on these lists bites, but hey, we're not the ones voting for them." The guru's list also adds nice diversity to the whole Best Bets concept and might even encourage people to branch out a little.

Metrocurean applauds the gurus for giving readers their two cents.


Anonymous said...

starbucks best coffee? who knew?

monkeyrotica said...

Mad props to Levis, who can hold their own against Oohs and Aaahs any day. They serve the best macaroni and cheese in town, with just enough burnt, crispy cheese topping to add the right amount of bite. And sweet tea that makes your teeth ache. Folks seem to think that 8th Street ends at the freeway. Keep walking to some of the best soul food in town.

And there's also a burrito place next door that makes Burrito Brothers look like a pile of puke.

Amanda said...

Agreed. AND they have red velvet cake on occasion - so good. You could drink a big styrofoam cup of sweet tea and eat some cake and then die a happy sugar shock death...

Is the burrito place Chicken Tortilla? I've always meant to try it.

Anonymous said...

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