Signatures Space May Have New Tenant

Metrocurean has learned, thanks to the reporting of publicist Linda Roth Conte, that Francesco Ricchi (at right) plans to open a seafood restaurant in the former Signatures space on Pennsylvania Avenue. Also on board, according to Roth Conte, is chef Enzo Febbraro of Filomena, who is expected to head the new kitchen. D'Acqua has been mentioned as a possible name for the new spot.

Ricchi holds an important place in the history of D.C.'s Italian dining scene. He opened Bethesda's Cesco Trattoria with Roberto Donna, I Ricchi in 1989 with his then-wife Christianne, who still runs the restaurant as chef/owner, and shaped the tiny Etrusco in Dupont Circle.

If things move ahead as planned (and you never know in the restaurant business), the space tarnished by lobbyist Jack Abramoff's criminal activities could once again house a serious restaurant.


LT said...

Speaking of Etrusco, is it on its way out? Friends were there recently and said it was empty, the wine list was practically nil, and the upper level is closed. What's going on?

Anonymous said...

I truly believe that the Signature space is cursed and anything that goes in there is doomed...which I hope is not the case, cause I like I Ricchi and Filomena.

Amanda said...

Maybe they could use one of those sage smudge sticks Native Americans use to cleanse the space of its previous occupants. Hmm, appropriate in more ways than one.