Yes, We Know Celebs Heart Milano

Raise your hand if you rolled your eyes when you read that the 36 Hours in D.C. travel feature in today's New York Times recommends heading to Café Milano to gawk at Washington celebs. (OK, if you haven't read it yet, check it out, then come back and raise your hand.)

It's an undisputed fact that politicians and the assistants for real celebrities, say Brangelina, see Café Milano as the only place to see and be seen. But a more informed breed of famous person is staking out uncharted territory in our fair city and venturing away from the sheltered and beautiful corner of Prospect Street. OYA and IndeBleu have flexed their celeb-magnet muscles with guests like Patrick Ewing (saw him with my own two upward-cast eyes at OYA) and Prince (at IndeBleu), just to name two.

These final slow days of August seem like the perfect time to break down the celebrity spottings by restaurant in the nation's capital. So gossip away in the comments. (Hearsay is welcome. Extra points awarded for Academy Award winners, tabloid kings and queens, and baby bumps. Paid appearances and Bush twins don't count. Spots must serve food.)