Odds and Ends

From Erin Killian of the Washington Business Journal comes news (via a helpful Metrocurean reader) that Vapiano, an Italian restaurant chain out of Germany, will open three restaurants in the D.C. area, with eventual plans for 20 outposts.

According to the story, the three locations are 1800 M St. NW, 623-625 H St. NW (also known as the Orange for Mayor headquarters), and 4401 Wilson Blvd.

A Gallery Place Living blog reader offers a review of one of the German locations, summing up the place with this: "This restaurant chain can best be described with just one word: Lame!" Too bad.

Meanwhile, a more promising new restaurant, Montsouris, gets a first look from Erin Hartigan on the GOG Blog.

And finally, Daily Candy has the goods on Silver Spring's new Piratz Tavern, which appears to take the swashbuckling theme and beat it over your head like a sack of gold coins. Not that that's a bad thing. There's even a swordswallowing bartender.